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#ToolForTheWeek: OIE (Online Image Editor)

OIE (Online Image Editor) is an online image editor tool, that can be used to Resize, Crop, Convert, sharpen and reduce the size of an animated gif, add text and do animation etc.

May be an image of text that says 'NEVER GET ASKED (or have to ask) again. DIE online Image editor LastPass.. yiogtel Basics Upload new Photo Advanced H Save Animation Undo σο Redo Resize Delete Crop T Add Text Add Text Rotate Flip Colo Chan Text will appear after typing. Drag text to desired position. Type Text Here Font: Preview Arial Bold Size: 60 Color: ffff0o Stroke: 0000ff Strokewidth: 0 Arc 0 Rotate: Flip 0 Shadow: Apply Cancel Save/Restore Setting'

It has got both basic and advances feature too.

It is free.

You may want to try it out >>> OIE (Online Image Editor)

Note: This is a Web-based tool and not an app.



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